Al-Kab-Bashir Investment Ltd was incorporated on April 21st 2017 as a limited liability company with RC number 1408112 to carry on business as Traders, General Contractors, Dealers in General Merchandise, Manufacturers, Representatives, Importers and Exporters of General Goods

Al- Kab- Bashir Investment Ltd

Alhaji Kabir Bashir

Managing Director/CEO

Alhaji Kabir Bashir was a seasoned civil servant. He is a holder of B.Sc. Economics from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and a PGD (Financial Studies) from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland, United Kingdom. He served in the Kano State Civil Service at various levels in the Budget and Economic planning Directorate prior to his transfer of service to the presidency, serving under the Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Policy Commission (RMAFC).

He held various positions at the commission and prior to his exit, he was secretary of the commission between 2005 and 2012.

In the course of his work he had interactions with various organisations both at the state and national levels as well as private and public organisations.

Alhaji Kabir Bashir attended various courses both at home and abroad which broaden his horizon. He has rich experience and expertise in various aspects of budgeting, revenue generation, fiscal policies and other measures of financing the budget.

Upon leaving the civil service Alhaji Kabir Bashir served as a consultant under SPARC, a DFID programme that serves to assist states in managing of their resources towards successful planning and implementation of government. It is hoped that he would be able to put his experience to bear in the successful management of the company.

Abdullahi Bashir Kabir

Managing Partner

Abdullahi Bashir Kabir is a young B. Eng. Graduate of Electrical Engineering from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. He also has a PGD in Project Management from the Chartered Institute of Project Management and also a Chartered Project Management Professional (CPMP) with an Associate Membership grade. He has just completed his National Youth Service Programme where he served as a Lecturer at the Federal Polytechnic in Kaura Namoda, Zamfara State.


To carry on business as Traders, General Contractors, dealers in General merchandise, manufacturer's representatives, Importers and Exporters of any Goods

To carry on business as dealers (wholesale and retail) of industrial and agro-chemicals, industrial and household disinfectants, surface coatings, cosmetics, acids, salts, alkalis and chemical preparations, articles and compounds (whether of animal, vegetable or mineral origin), dyes, pigment oils, vanishes, resins, drugs and all kinds of chemicals

To carry on business of diversified general traders and merchants, importers, exporters, suppliers of general goods, dealers in global system mobile communications, buying agents, transporters, builders, manufacturers, representatives, dealers in textile materials and contractors anywhere in the world

To carry on the business of manufacturers, importers, general merchants, factories, agents and dealers in all kinds of merchandise, produce, appliances, scientific products, inventories, designs, commodities including height and heavy machinery of all kinds, class and description

To engage generally in the business of contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, merchants, estate developers and managers and planners, agriculturists and consultants to private and public institutions and to engage in the business of importation and exportation of all forms of agricultural products, machineries and accessories

To do all such other things as may be considered to be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.